Discover fresh tea
We’ve created a new category of tea – fresh tea. We are partnering with select specialty tea shops and will begin limited sales Summer 2017.
We believe fresh is best
We deliver teas for people looking for a premium, healthy, hot beverage they can drink all day long.

Our Hope

To help people be their best – by creating the freshest and most nutrient-rich teas anywhere.

Our Story

We came up with the idea for Millennia TEA after a health scare in the family. We spent months researching the cancer-fighting properties of tea and learned that the antioxidants are highest when the leaves are first picked – and fall off during withering and processing.

We searched for a way to get fresh tea in North America, but couldn’t find any. With that, the idea for Millennia TEA was born.

How we make our tea

Real, raw, natural tea leaves (called Cameillia Sinensis)

Washed and frozen within hours of being picked (to lock in the most nutrients)

Into your favourite infuser or travel mug with boiling water

Super healthy, fresh TEA


Bonus: The nutrients in our teas are just as high on second infusion, so go ahead and serve up another cup. 

What’s “Epi-C” about fresh TEA?

There’s an “epi-c” antioxidant in tea. It’s called Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) and it’s celebrated for it’s ability to help fight disease, improve cognitive function, contribute to heart and dental health, boost metabolism, and more.

In nutrition testing, the EGCG levels in our fresh sample (fresh leaves, flash frozen within hours of harvesting) were significantly higher than in the conventional tea sample.

Millennia [mu-len-ee-uh] n.A period of thousands of years.

At Millennia TEA, we’re going back to the origins of tea and recreating that special experience and the pleasure that comes from enjoying a hot cup of tea prepared with leaves straight from the field. One that tastes fresh and delivers among the highest levels of antioxidants of any beverage on the market.

We can’t go back in time. But we’ve found a way to freeze a moment in time and bring our customers to a place where tea can be enjoyed in its most natural state. 

Tea Facts

All teas are made from the same leaf – called Camellia Sinensis – they’re just processed differently. And TEA is the most consumed beverage in the world after water.
Discovery of Tea
Discovery of Tea
TEA was discovered thousands of years ago and the fresh leaf was used for its medicinal properties. It was when they started exporting tea that they began processing it.
Antioxidant Rich
Antioxidant Rich
EGCG is the mighty antioxidant credited with fighting free radicals, improving cognitive function + heart health, increasing metabolism and more! EGCG levels are highest in tea leaves when first picked. That’s why we flash freeze our leaves within hours of harvesting.
Tea Producers
Tea Producers
Tea is grown in approximately 40 countries worldwide. China, India, Sri Lanka and Kenya are the biggest tea-producing countries. Together they represent 75% of world production.
Caffeine Boost
Caffeine Boost
Our fresh teas deliver the same amount of caffeine as regular green or white tea – a little less than ½ the caffeine of a cup of coffee. Drink it all day long for a steady energy assist.

Contribution to Caring

Like a good cup of tea, we think success is best enjoyed with others. We will measure ours by what we’re able to give back. For every 100lbs of tea sold, we will deliver a pound to families fighting disease. Because sometimes a comforting cup of tea can help.

Our Founders

Rory and Tracy BellRory and Tracy Bell

He’s a career medevac pilot. She’s a former public relations strategist.

Together with our little ones we’re a family.

We want to stay as healthy and happy together as possible for as long as possible. It’s our commitment to each other, and our hope for our friends and extended families too. That’s why we created Millennia TEA.


I love it, and it’s a fact, coming from someone who has worked on tea farms, this tea is how the workers enjoy it fresh picked off the bush. Amazing product. I can’t wait to feature it at the shop. I guarantee you’ve never had tea like this unless you’ve had it directly from the bush.
Philip Holmans
World Tea House
It’s not like any tea I have tried before. Very earthy and spring like. I really enjoyed it. It was good super-hot, warm and cool. I only say this because I find some teas need to be drunken when either hot, warm or cool… and aren’t enjoyable if not at one particular temperature. Excited to see where this will go!
Jillian Myles
It’s absolutely amazing to be able to taste this without paying a $2,000 plane ticket to a tea-producing country! You guys absolutely rock!!!
Cloé Landry
I am definitely interested in your product. Plan to be a regular!
Heather Walker
Absolutely amazing! Very different from anything else out there. Standout product!
Jenn Nauss
Loved it! Super different and refreshing.
Leilani Graham-Laidlaw
Shockingly delicious!
Aiyana Graham
Amazing. Has the best flavor and is not bitter.
Victoria Glasner

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We’d love to hear from you! Is there a shop you’d like to see carry our fresh tea?
Get in touch by e-mail or call us directly at 506-866-0049.

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